Wednesday, Dec 7:

  • Your coporate identity packages are mounted and set up:


  • Locate and post three print ads that you find to be "effective"> in writing for each, identify what visual components of the ad make it effective. Conceptual?

  • Locate and post three print ads that have a look and feel that you think would be good for your campaign and your layout for the print ad. These do not have to be the same products that you are marketing, you are simply looking for a style. Please write a paragraph about your plan and your line of thinking thus far for your print campaign. Remember you do not have to know your final result yet. This is a process that starts with generating ideas!.

January 6:

Print ads due for Monday cirtique.

January 9:

Due: Please place four works of prominent album, concert or music art on your wiki page.
Quickly discuss what you like about it and why you think it works

January 19:

Concert Posters for critique on the 20th.

Concert Poster:

Composite of at least three image sources

Color theme

Favorite artist or band

Remember tour dates and venue

Concert posters are the new music art venue in lieu of CD or album art. In the wake of the digital age, art for music has had to find its place again as music and art are so closely connected. Concert and band posters are back and popular as sought after works of art. Many very well known designers and artists bite at their chance to develop a poster for their favorite band, and many fans will pay good money to buy one.

You are now a designer for you favorite band or artist. They have a tour coming up and you need to visually market the tour and give it a recognizable look and feel. Remember tours are connected to albums and eras in a bands lifespan. People can look at the artwork for a tour and associate it historically. For instance, Led Zeppelin IV is one of the best selling albums in history with it’s infamous “Stairway to Heaven” track and everyone associates this image with it:

I mention these bands that seem ancient with you, to help you understand the visual histrical context. Like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.


This stems from album art:

other famous… more currant music art:

Size: 13x19
Create a concert/music poster
use no more than 3 images no less than one
Use three different fonts that work together
choose a color scheme of no more than three colors (unless discussed).