I really liked this project but i had a really hard time expressing what i wanted to in my logo. I like my logo but i feel like it's hard for others to look at it and know exactly what the logo means. I find illustrator really hard to use, however i think that once i get a chance to practice with it more i will be able to improve with creating logos. I think that this project was a good experience and all in all i really liked it i just found it really difficult.

This is my revised logo for the company Armonia. I believe that this is much more effective as far as logos go because you can get the message alot better. By using the colors black and white in the back round you can see the connection to pianos. And also the sleek "A" really shows how classy the company is sopposed to be.


This is my business card and i really like the simplicity of it, i think that it really gets the point across really easily. I also used the same colors that are in my logo, therefore you can tell that it is the same business.

This is what is on the corner of my envelope. Again, i used thesame colors as i did in the logo and the business card.


This is my letter head, and i couldn't make it smaller without it getting squished. but again, i used the same colors and tried to get the message out in a simple way.


This is a print ad for Audi and i think it really works. I like the colors and the way they contrast. These are colors they i want to use in my print ad for my business Armonia. I like how the car looks very sleek and is the center of the attention. I also like how the backround is all in the shadows, i think this approach would really work for my company.


This is a print ad for the iPhone. Like the Audi, the iPhone looks very important and it had a very "expencive" feel to it. I would really like to do something like this for my company. Again, the backround is all dark and makes the iPhone really pop. the statement "touching is believing" really makes it look like whoever is touching the phone is really important.


This is a print ad for a mini cooper. The mini couper, being white really pops in front of the black backround. This makes the car look very important. And the saying in the upper left of the ad makes the car seem like its very strong and can get though anything, it also gives the impression that with this car, you can get through traffic really easily. This will make a person seem very important and "rich". I really like the contrast between the car and the backround and i would really like to do something like that for my project.


This is an ad for Mcdonalds promoting a milkshake. the "real milkshake" i think that this ad is really effective. You can tell that McDonalds really put thought into making this a creative yet informative ad.

his is a really effective ad, I believe that the ad is doing exactly what the artist(s) who created it had in mind. They are promoting this "good night mattress" and by looking at the picture it implies that with this mattress you can get a good night sleep where ever you are and whatever your surroundings are. It shows just how easily it is to fall asleep on this mattress.


This print ad is very effective. I think that because with only one small phrase, this ad can impact millions of people in a good way. The simple way that the words are written out in this ad, give off a very serious vibe and the reader of the ad can tell that an important issue is being discussed with this print ad. I believe that this ad is very effective in what it is trying to promote.

I do not believe that this is a good print ad. I don't really think that the fire has anything to do the hot air balloon.


this is a blink 182 concert poster. I like how there is only three colors working together to really make one piece of artwork. The colors really work together.