he Apple logo I feel is a great logo for the company to use. First of all, it is a very successful business that has been well known for a while and is getting more popular every day. I’m not completely sure why the company decided to use an apple as their name/logo, but at this point everyone knows about this symbol and what it represents. I like it because it is a very simple logo; however it represents a very complex business. When most people see the apple they know it is either linked to an ipod, ipad, iphone, macbooks, etc. All of these items are expensive to buy and this logo represents its wealth. Basically if you own an item with the apple logo on it, it shows that you have some sort of money. This is great for the Apple Company because it shows off its products in a simple yet sophisticated way.

A logo that I cannot stand is the Hello Kitty logo. To be honest, I feel that it is the most ridiculous cartoon of a cat I’ve ever seen. I do not understand why people obsess over this symbol. Hello Kitty isn’t even important for anything other than products with this cat on it. Unlike other companies that specify in a certain type of products to sell, Hello Kitty products are not specific. This company will create anything and put the cartoon cat on it and attempt to sell it. Personally I can’t stand most things that are cartoon. I just link cartoons with children and don’t feel that adults should be purchasing cartoon items. This product should be branched out to young kids that like cats. But for some reason, adults like this cat and want to purchase items that show off this logo. I do not understand why and probably never will.


I like the McDonalds logo. I feel that the two golden arches that create an “M” work well with the name of the fast food chain. Almost everyone knows that two golden arches mean McDonalds and when they see this logo they know you’re talking about the restaurant. This logo is probably one of the most well-known logos throughout this world. Another reason why i feel this logo works is because it is simple. It only consists of two colors. However, it is a fact that the two color combinations that are best to draw attention and to get people to recognize are yellow and red. this is perfect for McDonalds and a very smart was to market themselves.


This logo is probably one of the most boring logo'sthat i have seen in a while. Its basically white lettering on a red background...exciting...not. For a company that is becoming more and more popular, they should remake their logo. To be honest, nothing in this logo really stands out to me and its easy to look over it and not remember what they are promoting. So cmpared to other movie companies such as Block buster, this logo is completely shut down by other companies.

***I want to open a coffee shop. The business name is going to be The Coffeehouse. Some pics that inspired me to choose this idea are...


This project taught me a lot about the world of logos. After using a few different strategies to present my ideas in picture, I finally came up with my logo. I decided to use a coffee cup as my background and traced around it. Then I drew steam in the background and made it look as it was a hot cup of coffee. I feel that this logo has good movement and uses the space correctly. The steam draws the eye up gives the logo some life. Overall, I feel that this was a good project and I’m proud of how my logo looks as its finished product. This can easily be transformed into a true business logo.




business card


Three Effective Ads:
This print ad is very effective. It drew me in as soon as i looked at it and i wanted to try and figure out what it was telling me. It is simple but it gets the point across in a creative way.

This print ad is not the normal way of advertising. It effectivlely promotes to quit smoking by telling you to keep smoking. I like how it approached the issue in a different type of way and made you think about what the ad is promoting.
This ad is so sad and touching. The way that it is showing how the dogs need help makes you want to rescue these dogs.

These ads have the feel that I want my ad to have. The first two are pretty simple but they are creative. I love the pops of color that are being used throughout the three ads. They have a pronounced color which is standing out against the rest of the ad. For my ad, i want the red to be the pop of color against the other tan colors i have throughout the logo. I also want my ad to be simple...not crazy. This is because i want society to notice the logo without having to think about it too much. For the McDonalds golden arches...everyone knows what it represents. I think i want mine to be a simple coffee cup, but i also want to make it unique. So far, those are my plans for my print ad.


The focus is not on pepsi...its on the dogs

My finished Print ad!! :)


this is my logo for diversity day 2012 that i created for diversity club!