this add works because it shows the car in a way tht makes you attracted to it. Also the balance of the colors is well played out. You
external image haagen-dazs.jpg

is add works because the color are consistent and they use the colors and they are balanced and the pattern is constant.


i like this add because of the contrast colors. also the movement with the light streaks of white in the blue backround. i also like the cartoony look. Also the pattern is constiant and so are the colors. There are only a couple of colors that balance out throughout the whole ad.

October 19, 2011
if i was a designer, i would work in paris because so much happens there. Most big fashion designers live or have a house in paris. I work in london thou, just because i wouldn't wanna work near home. London is also a big fashion place. It is vivid with bright colors such as red, the blue, and simple white. It also has very old school things like the telephone boothsan inspire a mind to think about old school ideas with new world twists. I would make about 75 thousand a year.

corporate identities
a corporate identity is the way a company conveys itself in the outside world. It is supposed to make a strong positive impact by creating a identity pieces that grabs peoples attention while conveying your business values and personality.
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i plan on doing a ice cream shop
fresh parlor
cool parlor