Print Ads



I really think that these ads convey what I'm trying to get at with my product. The are futuristic with crisp, clean backgrounds that really make what they're trying to sell standout. These are very eye popping and are executed very well in my opinion. With my company Infinity Graphics, I am also trying to get a modern futuristic look that seems clean and fresh. So, this is why I chose these ads, because they represent the direction I am going to in my designs and logos.

I like this ad because it is crisp, clean and to the point. It shapes the water to make it look like an explosion that would lead to contaminating the water, which is the ads purpose. I also like the simplicity and use of negative and positive space to bring out the water. This simplicity is sort of what I'm going for.
I really like this ads graphic and how it stands out nicely on the background, but at the same time, blends into it at the same time. The blue stands out against the white, but it also contrasts well with the blue background. I want to go for good color contrast with my product.


What a like about this ad is the way the shoe really pops off the black background with the orange sparks around the heel and front of the shoe. I believe that it makes an other wise bland shoe pop out and make you want to buy it. It also coordinates with the product's name. For my product, I want my image to pop and attract people's attention like this ad does.