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This ad is effective because it portrays the cons of doing drugs. It uses visuals such as a broken guitar and a baby doll to portray that it could shatter dreams. It also uses text to show the meaning. The bigger the font is the more meaning it has. For example, when it says, "He takes high doses and goes right down." The word 'down' is largest to show that your life will drastically go down hill if you do drugs.

external image 162530_15_0_LTExOTIzMjkwNi0xMDkzNTM3MjE.jpgThis ad shows that peanuts can give you energy. It's effective in this message because it shows a young lady jumping up and having a ton of energy. The way the text is done makes you connect it all to the peanut and makes you get a little excited.

external image print_ads_20.jpgThis ad is trying to get people to stop smoking. The way the text is used is to make it dark and serious to try to get the point across. It also uses a cigarette that is broken in half to show that the ad wants the person to stop smoking.

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Ideas for campaign: I would like the scene of the ad to be at a rock concert of some type and for the person(s) to be sticking out of everyone else by outline, background image, etc. The person(s) should be young adults or teens. The scene could also be at a skate park. I would like the ad to be targeted at young adults/teens who like rock n roll and the style of clothing that goes along with it. I would like the text to look sort of rough and like graffiti maybe, just overall rough and tough looking.

I run a clothing line called Silent Rebel out of Hollywood, CA, zip code is 90078.

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