I think that the WWF logo is very effective. It has a great use of positive/negative space to create a panda bear with the positive space(black) only showing the black fur of the panda. This is a good logo because WWF is the World Wildlife Fund, and a panda is a perfect symbol for it because they're endangered. The whole idea of the company is helping endangered species and most people know that pandas are endangered so they can easily tell what the company stands for. Also, the logo is very simple and easily recognizable, which really makes thelogo effective.

I think the logo for Girl Scouts is very effective because it's so simple and easily recognizable. However, if you look more closely, you can actually see that there are the profile views of three women looking to the right of the logo and the outside edges are their hair. Because of the use of color, the women appear to be diverse. The middle one is a different race from the outside two. The whole girl scouts program is mainly about growing up but it's also about teamwork, accepting diversity, and actively working for the good of the community. These women on the logo definitely represent growing up and accepting diversity, so I would say this logo is very effective.

The McDonald's logo is very effective mainly because of how easily recognized it is but also because of its simplicity. A majority of Americans can recognize the McDonald's logo because it's just two giant, yellow arches that make up the letter "M," however the logo also represents what the company is. It's a fast food restaurant, and the two arches are actually french fries. McDonald's is well known for their french fries among many other food items, so it fits the company perfectly. Because of it's so simple, many people around the world can easily recognize it, so it's very effective.

The Brand Union logo is not effective to me. They tried using negative space to spell out the company name, but it doesn't work because there is too much negative space. The positive space is made up of a bunch of different colored shapes, and even if you were to switch the positive space with the negative space, the letters would be way off because they're not lined up at all (example: look at the "A" and the "B"). From looking at this logo, I have no idea what the company is/does or what their purpose is. It's completely ineffective and I'd be surprised if it was actually ever used.

The logo for London 2012 is not very effective in my opinion. The colors (pink and yellow) don't have any contrast at all. The whole design is messy, with five random shapes of color. At first glance, it's almost impossible to tell that the shapes actually spell out "2012" The yellow background to the shapes (or numbers) just makes it brighter and more difficult to look at. Maybe, if they just used the word "London" and the olympics symbol in "'12" (there would only be two spaces) it would look better because even if you couldn't see the numbers at first, then at least there wouldn't be random shapes at the bottom.

The logo used for Kids Exchange is absolutely terrible. The spacing and lettering makes it look like it says "Kid Sex Change," which is definitely not what the company is. To make it worse, all the letters are capital, so you can't tell where the words start and end. It's giving off the completely wrong message, I would highly suggest they change the font type and spacing in order to make it not only effective but also accurate to what the company is and what the company does.

If I had a job as a Design Planning Director, I would live in New York City. The annual salary would be ranging from $100,000.00 to $125,000.00. But, I would need 7-10 years of experience in consulting, strategic planning, or marketing and a Bachelor's Degree (preferably) in business or arts. This position would require me to be energetic, a self starter, to have superior written and verbal communication skills, to be highly organized, and obviously to be passionate about design and the overall design process. I would work closely with various members of this creative team and report to the EVP of Design Planning along with consulting daily with the project managers (to oversee the proposal writing, budgeting, and scheduling of key events).

I think this print ad is effective because it's simple and it well represents the company. You can look at this and easily tell that FedEx is a company that ships internationally just by seeing the picture, no explanation is required.

I feel like this print ad is very effective because it's so imaginative and unique, yet simple. From looking at this, I know that they're showing this car is similar to a rhino, which is thought of as a very tough, strong animal.

This print ad is effective to me mainly because of the color. The bright background would definitely catch my eye if I were looking through a magazine and my attention would be drawn to the phrase at the top. After reading that and looking at the rest of the ad, I would know exactly what they were advertising immediately.

I like these print ads in regards to their simplicity. I want my ad to be very simple with minimal writing and not much color. I think anything else wouldn't match very well with my company, especially with my logo and corporate identity. I think I'm going to have somebody w/ (a) tattoo(s) in black and white or very washed out colors. Next to them will be the logo and in the bottom corner I'll include more information.