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Packed with tremendous energy, great visuals and fun music, the ad captures the spirit of the all too familiar site of Indian street cricket with superb authenticity and gripping drama.
BOLD ! says alot with little words, the nike logo is so strong, but the words, we are all witnesses is deep, like we're witnessing a revelation.
granted this is disgusting... but=
- I think this is a good add and its effective because no one wants to look like this slob in the picture asking the question
' unhappy with the shape you're in? ' is smart because seeing that and asking yourself that question you would want to change it.

i think i could make something like this for my ad to show that my product is superior to all other colognes because lebron is superior to all other players.
this ad about cologne just goes to show that you can make any ad simple. especially cologne ads and i would like to do something similar.

another simple cologne ad, similar to what i would like to do.

Corporate Identity.



Ralph Lauren’s ‘Polo’ logo is well known worldwide; only the elite wear polo,
or can even afford polo. It all started in 1967 whenhe started selling ties under
the name polo, and look how much it has grown since the beginning, now polo is
very popular among celebrities and teens.

the nike logo has been around for a while and im not too sure that many people know
what the nike logo is or what it symbolizes. it symbolizes someone running and how
their body is in motion

the apple logo is also strong, its the logo of one of the biggest companies, and its a
clever logo, an apple. when people see it, they know, its apple.


i feel as though the volvo logo is boring and has no resemblance to the car. its not strong.
the alabama football team logo is boring too, it doesnt stand out and its too plain. its just a regular A.
if i were to look at it among others i wouldnt be able to pick it out.

another image i dont think is boring is the IBM logo, it doesnt stand out and its also plain.
they/re just regular letters and doesn't speak to me at all