4 Bolduc, Aaron

Aaron Bolduc

This logo is for the PoFirebird_4th_Gen_Logo.JPGntiac firebird. I believe this logo to be affective because it’s a complex design with a simple idea. When initially looking at the bird you see a bird with large wings, but in reality, it’s a smaller bird inside a canvass of feathers. The firebird is a fast car, and this logo I believe represents speed, we associate fire with power and force, and birds to be free and majestic, with this logo, it shows a fierce animal embodying the American spirit with the flag as the wings background. The type of bird used is a Phoenix, a bird born of fire is represented well on the car itself, taking up the entire hood, it varies in color based on the cars coloring and paint jobs. Over all, this logo I believe is a strong one.


The second logo that i like is the Harley Davidson motorcycle logo. While it may seem cluttered and hard to read, the colors used and the font make it easy and appealing to the eye. I also like the design of the shield, and how the letters follow the movement of it. The three colors used, black, orange, and white suit each other, and the contrast makes the center name, Harley-Davidson stand out against the darker black and orange making it the first thing to catch your eye. Also, the fact that the logo has been the same basic design sense the start of the company gives it that sense of aged pride due to it being an older american company.

The third logo that i admire is the nike swoosh. It is probably the most basic idea in the logo world, and yet so powerful. it's simplicity gives it life, Nike is the greek god of speed, that where they got the name, and the swoosh makes me think of running, makes me think of speed, quickness, which is what i believe they are trying to do. The logo itself never has a set color or design, but the when it's not its usual black and white, it's colors always flow nicely and are always revered for their creativity. The nike symbol is known world wide and is the most popular set of sports gear, making the swoosh a must have on your cleats.


The google chrome logo i think doesn't work. While it's colors contrast well, i feel like it doesn't represent google in it. When i look at it, i think more of a robotics company, or even a TV station, not a search engine. you almost need the word google underneath it to really understand what it's for. And when i look at it, it just doesn't feel original, almost like that design has been over used to much, and therefore making the logo seem shabby. well known logos like nike, under armor, they have originality that when you see them, you know its nike, or you know it under armor, bDownload-Google-Chrome-Free-ver- with the google logo, i dont know what to think.

The Starbucks logo in my opinion is a well known, but ugly one. everybody knows what a starbucks is, and they know what the logo looks like. But what is the logo exactly, it looks like a mermaid, but there's some confusion there. should this bother the consumer, no, but why have a logo that can take some historic background information to understand. the colors don't fight each other, but they don't necessarily go with each other, the black and white flow, but the green throws it off. Having it a darker green does help with the contrast of the colors. some good thingsstarbucks-logo.gif though, are the boldness of the letters, it really helps the lettering to pop out.

the android logo can also be a confusing one. when you first look at it, it looks more like a alien, again you need some background information in order to understand, and if i don't have that information, you won't understand this ad. the solid uniform color also makes the ad seem bland, it does draw your eye. Ads should be a simple idea hat gets jazzed up a bit, but this ad is a simple idea that remains to simple. maybe some color variation or design change.

In my life i would be living in Alexandria, VA and working for Cyber Coders. This company deals with online advertisements. I will be making roughly $80,000 a year. i will be doing things like enhancing designs, andlping with trouble shooting using the software like Java and Adobe.

this ad is interesting. the use of color and light is great. you really get the feel that the shoe is a meteor. the fire cone in the front is an eye catcher that goes almost perfectly with the color scheme of the shoe and the sparks in the rear of the shoe.


i feel this ad is effective. it shoes the peak of an athlete's perfection, and he's wearing all nike gear. it gives the sense that if you wear Nike gear, you will also be able to reach your peak. the hello and goodbye is a clever almost humorous sense to the ad. showing he's here one second, and gone the next.

this ad is probably the most powerful out of the three. it gives that punch of awesome that makes the consumer go, wow this is amazing. it gives that sense of truth, those two simple lines pack such a punch that it makes you feel like you wanna go start practicing right now so you can become the game changer. and the nike slogan on the side "just do it" also is speaking, saying just go out there and be the best you can.


this ad applies to my idea because i would like to go for a catchy slogan or phrase like they've done here.it gives a humorous attraction to the ad that will help you remember the ad and then remember the company.the colors are simple and contrast well so it's pleasing to the eyes. the only part about this ad is that it doesn't directly apply to my type of business, but i like the scheme of the ad aside from its product.

I like the format of this ad, it's simple but it still gets the point across. It shows what the shop does while keeping a calm color scheme.


The layout of this ad is good to. Napa is detected to car parts an you can see that through the ad. They show multiple car brands in their graphics to show their variety. This is something I would like to do with my ad.


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