This ad by Saucony is perfect for my campaign. It is simple but shows that it is an athletic shoe meant for urban city athletes. The women are running outside of a big city. It is a gray cloudy day so the colors on the women's apparel stand out. The few words show that these women are dedicated to get a workout in, even on such a rainy miserable looking day.


This ad would also be very useful for my campaign. It shows how many urban activities you can partake in while wearing these nike shoes. You can work out and exercise, but you can also eat, lounge, and play video games in them as well. It doesn't matter what you do in your every day life these shoes are made for whatever activities, perfect in an urban environment.


This ad would be very good for my campaign. I'm going for the urban footwear style sense. The colors of the shoes match the flight attendants' outfits in an obvious manner. The colors dominate the ad being in front of a white airport like background. Many city kids and adults would wear these shoes.


This is an ad for cologne. The color scheme is brilliant as the dusk or dawn setting in the dessert gives off the same glow as does the bottle of cologne itself. The name Mustang is also represented by the car and by the horse itself which is seen in the reflection of the ma;s sunglasses. The cologne seems to be for an American country man who loves the outdoors and who feels comfortable with facial hair and messy hair.


This is a very effective printing ad by nike. The shoes' shock support give you the sense that they are strong enough to protect your feet and the sneakers themselves, but also strong enough to break apart the ground beneath you as you run or walk. The lighting also benefits the ad as the broken pieces of concrete and the ground are cast in light while everything else around is in shadows.


This nike ad is a visually effective print ad because the shoe gives the sense that it makes you move so fast that there is a trail of smoke left behind. The darker background allows your eyes to be captured by the red shoe and its red trail of energy and smoke. The image itself has almost an electric flow of energy.


This is the logo for Major League Baseball. The colors are a perfect choice being red, white, and blue. They represent that the sport is an American pastime. A player is about to hit a baseball which specifically relates to the sport. The logo is simple but it gets to the point. The logo is very popular in American sports. It is the perfect American sports logo.


This is the logo for Apple computers. It is very popular today as are the computers it represents. The numerous colors contained in the logo are very eye-catching. The logo is an actual apple. This logo is also simple but easily gets to the point. Because the logo is so appealing, it makes you want to own a product from the company. The apple is very creative.

This is the logo for Coca-Cola soda. It is the most popular soda in America. The unique red font is very appealing. It makes you want to try the soda in hopes that it is as appealing as the logo. The color and font of the text reminds me of Christmas. In old commercials advertising Coca-Cola they had Santa Claus drinking the soda and enjoying it.

This is the logo for FedEx. I believe it is a poorly designed logo. The logo is tooo simple and is not original. It is Justone word created with a single plain font. The colors orange and purple do not go together well. The logo looks cheaply made. Different colors in contrast would have made the logo look more appealing. FedEx ships and handles boxes and packages which seems boring, this logo is boring as well.


This is the logo for ABC, the television channel. I believe this is a bad logo as well. It is way to boring and old-fashioned looking. It looks like a television channel that only plays shows in black and white. The black does not contrast well with the white. The lower-cased letters look foolish in the giant black circle. This logo does not make me want to watch the television channel.


This is the logo for Sony software. It is the most simple and uninteresting logo I have come across. It is a single word in black bold letters in front of a white background. It does not offer any suggestion to what their company sells in the logo. There is no image or shape to go with the word, which would have made it look a bit better. A child could have created this logo in under five minutes. To say the least this logo needs color badly. It is way to plain without color.