Concert Posters:
external image kidcudi_concert01_web.jpgexternal image psychedelic.jpgexternal image cudi-manmoon.jpgDesign-a-High-Impact-Gig-Poster-Suitable-for-Screen-Printing.jpg

1. The Kid Cudi concert poster works for me because its colorful and really catches your eye, also i love how it is a cartoon because it has more of a fun en joyful feel.
2. The second poster works because it has really cool text like out of the 70's which is what i want to simulate with my text.

More Print Adds:


For my print add i want the ad to look like it is the best equipment out there and no other company can compete with it. I want the man focus be right on my product and in the background show the other products so you get the feeling that mine is clearly much better. I want the background to be a darker color so that my product stands out more and feels like there is a spotlight shinning on it.

Print Adds:

This shows effectiveness because it shows
what is happening and what the shows stand
for. Also the white and orange go together very
well and it resembles Halloween.

I like this add because the girl is black and the ipod is white
so it really makes it stand out and show that the ipod is the
main focus. Also the green background makes it standout even more.

This add is cool because the black background makes the car
standout and it helps show that the car is in the spotlight. I also
like the caption because it makes the car sound like it is something
out of the future and it is somewhat humorous.

Corporate Identities:

external image AppleBusinessCard.png

external image Starbucks.jpg

'if i was a designer I would live in Indianapolis. The job i would have chosen was a graphic designer because it requires the thing we do in this class for example using adobe illustrator. The amount of money i would make is roughly 50,000 to 60,000 per year.

Good Logo's
By Joseph Almeida
1. One logo I like is the home depot logo. I like it Because it is simple and really catches your eye. It catches your eye because the color contrast, for example the background or negative space is orange and the orange really makes the white text pop and stand out. Also the design is really simple and gets the point across rally easily and you can realize what it means and saying really quickly.

2. Another logo i really like is the Coca Cola logo. I like it because it has a cool design and it is easy to understand and know what it is right when you see it. It's easy to understand because even if you don't know what Coca Cola is it has a picture of a bottle behind it so you can understand it is a drink. Also use of negative space is really good because it is a red circle around the text and the picture, the circle starts out as a dark red and as it goes closer and closer to the center of the circle it gets lighter which really makes the text pop and catch your eye easier.

3.Lastly, the Gatorade logo is one of my favorites. I say this because it's simple but gives a good clue on what it does. The clue is the lighting blot behind the Gatorade text. This is a clue because it symbolizes that this drink gives you a boast or gives you energy, because lightning represent energy and power. The text itself really stands out, i say this because the text itself is green then there is white negative space around it to make the green stand out even more.

Bad Logo's
1. A logo that I don't personally like is the Starbucks logo. i don't like it because the picture it uses doesn't make sense to me and doesn't please my eye. I say the picture doesn't make sense because Starbucks make coffee and the picture in the middle of the logo looks like a mermaid and it doesn't make sense to me. Also I don't like the way the colors mix, i think that the green is ugly and that the white and black don't compliment it.

2. Another logo I don't like is the Ikea logo. I don't like it because it's to simple, doesn't stand out, and looks to tacky. I think it is to simple because all it says is Ikea surrounded by and oval with a square background. Also a point of a logo is to stand out and get your attention but it doesn't do that because the colors are to bland and don't compliment each other. Lastly I think it looks tacky because the text is blue surrounded by a yellow val which has a square back ground of the same blue as the text, so I think it's to simple which makes it tack and stupid.

3. Lastly I don't like the Hollister logo. I don't like it because it really doesn't get its point across. I say this because it has a bird above the text that says Hollister the under Hollister it says California. So if you didn't know that Hollister was a clothing brand you could say that it is a type of bird that lives in California.